Equipped with the most authentic and expressive multi-sampled grands to ever adorn a stage piano, the RD-700SX represents the pinnacle of digital stage-piano design and performance. Driven by Roland`s most powerful sound engine, the RD-700SX enables the ultimate in sound and performance with two world-class grand piano waveforms at its core, and featuring 128-voice polyphonic performance, a Progressive Hammer-Action keyboard, and an expanded soundset (which includes brilliant electric pianos, authentic virtual tonewheel organs, and more). The RD-700SX is an unrivaled new breed of stage piano.

Roland RD700SX Features:

  • Two great new grand piano sample-sets, each with 88-key multisamples
  • Roland's most expressive Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard
  • 128-voice polyphony
  • 3-band parametric EQ with graphical user interface and COSM effects for easy tone shaping
  • Realistic tonewheel organ sounds with graphic drawbar editing
  • XLR Outputs for professional use
  • Master Keyboard functions with two individual MIDI out for controlling external MIDI modules
  • Built-in SMF player with USB connection for PC/Mac
  • 2 SRX Expansion slots for adding great new sounds
  • Complete GM2-compatible sound engine onboard
  • Micro Tune Edit function allows micro-tuning of each individual key

Stunning Sounds

With Roland`s most powerful processing engine at its core, the RD-700SX provides two complete 88-note world-class concert grand pianos, each with individual multisamples for every key, and recorded at a variety of velocity levels. The RD-700SX also contains authentic electric piano and virtual Tonewheel organ instruments, as well as an entire GM2-compatible sound set. Load and Play Standard MIDI files with the built-in MIDI File player. Onboard Rhythm and Arpeggiator functions are provided as well.

Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard

The RD-700SX is equipped with Roland`s top-of-the-line Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard, which provides heavy-to-light response as you climb from low to high octaves, just like a real piano. Combined with a true hammer-action mechanism, the keyboard offers an incredibly natural response that feels and plays like a true grand.

Instant Access

With its front-panel sliders, large buttons, and backlit LCD, the RD-700SX is a fast and friendly instrument to pilot, especially for live performers who need instant, fumble-free access to sounds. The ONE TOUCH PIANO and E.PIANO buttons let you recall your favorite instrument sounds and edits � such as changes to the piano's String Resonance and Key Touch, or the E.Piano's Amp type. You can also switch entire groups of settings during a performance by selecting a Setup that you've edited and stored in advance; up to 100 Setups can be stored and instantly recalled.

Onboard Effects

Transform your sound with the RD-700SX`s powerful twin multi-effects engines onboard. Among the many high-quality effects types are reverb, chorus, Sound Control (3-band compressor), and dedicated 3-band parametric EQ with adjustable frequency, EQ, and gain for achieving the perfect custom-tailored sound. Dedicated knobs, buttons, and the large graphical display allow intuitive sound control.

Well Connected

The RD-700SX is fully equipped for the gigging professional. Both 1/4" and XLR outputs provide compatibility with all popular types of mixers and amplification systems. And for the utmost in performance expression, the RD-700SX offers inputs for damper pedals and two-function assignable foot pedals. Use the tandem MIDI outs and USB I/O for MIDI control and data backup/exchange. The RD-700SX`s customizable Master Control features allow it to serve as the master for other MIDI instruments. And for audio/visual-minded musicians who want to �play� graphics (via Edirol video equipment), the RD-700SX is V-LINK compatible.

Sound Expansion

The RD-700SX offers an impressive 474 internal tones and 14 rhythm types, which can be expanded by adding two optional Roland SRX boards.