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penny pyramide

Cory Nielsen aka the Penny Building Fool, has completed a record-breaking penny pyramid (the attempt is currently being reviewed by Guinness) by stacking 1,030,315 pennies over the course of 3 years.

This beats the previous record which used 100 people and was built in Lithuania. Nielsen constructed this by himself over the course of 3 years to the day. In real-time, he spent a total of 1.8 years building it and took approximately 425 days off during the construction.

It measures 65 stacks across by 65 stacks back by 65 stacks high. Each stack contains 11 pennies. The pyramid was free stacked, meaning no glue, welding or anything other than simply balancing on top of each other.

Built in his home in Phoenix, Arizona the pyramid weighs 6,360 lbs or 2,884 kg.

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